Security Information

At Progress Bank, your security is of the utmost importance to us.  We strive to ensure a safe banking environment, but also understand that it requires our customers to have a safe computing environment in their homes or businesses.

Below we have provided some links to articles with simple, effective methods for helping ensure you are following good, safe computing habits. Please take a little time to read through these articles and apply the recommended steps to make your computer safer.
This site is informative on Internet safety and helping secure home, work and school systems. It also explains how to protect networking information.
This is a federal government-based website to help keep individuals safe, secure and responsible online.
US-Cert seeks to improve cyber security, to share various online information, and manage cyber risks.
This is an informative PDF document titled “Ten Ways to Improve the Security of a New Computer.”
This Microsoft website is a center of safety and security information and tools to help protect computers online.